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Urban (adjective) :  New, Innovative, Fresh.	* 

Resourcefulness (noun) : 		The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Like many UrbanResourcfulness-ites I have limited or NO time to sit down and finish this website and,  by definition, I am really cheap and refuse to pay someone else to build and maintain my web-site.

I am totally competent to do it my self, Just not sure when.

Email me if you have any questions

*URBAN: Actually means something about living in a city or town, but on “the street” Urban is widely misused, SO I thought I would misuse it  too.

UrbanResourcfulness (noun)

The ability to apply innovative ideas, concepts and designs

to overcome some common and some not so common problems in everyday life utilizing “what you got”.

Note: UrbanResourcfulnessites’ are profoundly cheap, and have a garage, shop or back yard full of really useful stuff that they have been keeping for years… just for the right project.

Also:  A true UrbanResourcfulnessite will accept a challenge when presented with the phrases,

“That cant be fixed”…


“that will cost too much too replace”…


…(insert more resourcefulness actions here)

This page approved by S.P.

Thanks to W.M. who inspired the name - UrbanResourcefulness.

And… my Father, JRB, who instilled his frugalness and patience to help me understand the importance of always  being resourceful.